Puketāpapa – Pukewīwī/Mount Roskill

RMA application for Puketāpapa – Pukewīwī/Mount Roskill by TMA

Names by documents received (may or may not be complete set). NB the two appendices 2 may or may not be identical.

Application Form
AEE Puketapapa revegetation works
Appendix 1 Certificate of Title
Appendix 2 Otahuhu Rules Table
Appendix 2 Rules table
Appendix 3 HNZ written approval
Appendix 4 Watercare written approval
Appendix 5 Puketapapa Tree Removal Method
Appendix 6 Puketapapa Planting Plan
Appendix 7 Draft Communications Plan
Appendix 8 HIA Puketapapa Tree Removals
Appendix 9 Acoustic Assessment of Noise Effects
Appendix 10 Puketapapa Ecological Assessment
Appendix 11 Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment