Tūpuna Maunga documents

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TMA in the Environment Court

Court documents on the TMA’s changes to Unitary Auckland Plan regarding view shafts.

Open Agenda for Hui 51: 10 February 2020

Click on above for the Agenda for 10 Feb, plus minutes of the meeting of 25 September 2019. For Mt Albert, see pp.73-76. Note reference on p.10 item 5 to ‘public feedback as set out in Attachment A’ is actually on the agenda for Hui 50 (link below).

Agenda for Hui 50

Note the standard response appears to be ‘No amendment required’ to the vast majority of feed-back submitted (see from p. 18). Note what they want to do with ‘unowned’ cats: p.20.  Also, see Item 6 at pp.26-7 on the UNESCO bid. Item 10 on p.27 states that the NZ Gov has signed the World Heritage Convention, through which it undertakes to protect its cultural and natural heritage.

Proposed Integrated Management Plan strategies

Proposed TMP Integ Mgmt Plan Strategies Part 1

proposed-TMA-IMP-Strategies part-2

Integrated management plan

TMA IMP-part1



Tupuna Maunga draft operational plan


Reserves Act 1977

Reserves Act 1977

TMA Trust deed of trustee Tūpuna-Taonga-o-Tāmaki-Makaurau Trust

TMA Trust deed of trustee Tūpuna-Taonga-o-Tāmaki-Makaurau-Trust-DEED

TMA Act Nga Mana Whenua ō Tāmaki Makaurau Collective Redress Act 2014

TMA Act Nga Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau Collective Redress Act 2014 (1)

Interests of Paul F Majurey
TMA organisation diagram
AC Suppliers (exc CCOs) with spend equal to or greater than $50,000