Technical and research papers on trees

Economic value of urban trees

Valuing London’s Urban Forest
Results of the 2014 London i-Tree Eco Project: the PDF is here.
This superb, ground-breaking report values London’s trees at a staggering UK£132.7 million, that London’s trees would need over £6 billion to replace, and have amenity value of over £43 billion (p.10)
Also: London i-Tree Eco Project: ISBN 978-0-9571371-1-0
The Economic Value Of Trees In Urban Areas: Estimating The Benefits Of Adelaide’s Street Trees

Phillip Killicoat, Eva Puzio & Randy Stringer – School of Economics and Centre for International Economic Studies, University of Adelaide
National Street Tree Symposium: 5 and 6 September 2002; Treenet Proceedings of the 3; ISBN 0-9775084-2-0 Treenet Inc

Urban Trees: Worth More Than They Cost

G M Moore; Research Associate, Burnley College, University of Melbourne, 500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond Victoria 3021

Benchmarking Australia’s Urban Tree Canopy: An i-Tree Assessment

Brent Jacobs, Nicholas Mikhailovich, Candice Delaney

Example Photosynthesis of an Oak Tree