Tūpuna Maunga Non-notified Consents and Pending

This page leads to copies of consent applications filed by Tūpuna Maunga Authority (TMA) obtained through LGOIMA requests.

Note some of the reports have been redacted. Some of the information hidden may comply with some provisions of Section 7 of the LGOIMA 1987, some don’t. For example, what reason could there be for redacting the herpetology (study of amphibians and reptiles)? How could a report on skinks etc. be prejudicial to either individual privacy, commercial interests, in-confidence communication, or reveal free and frank discussion, breach legal privilege or interfere with Council’s negotiation?

Here they are documents for each of the consents that have been supplied. For each, consent, there are multiple links to appendices (apart from Maungawhau – just one). All, we believe in good faith to be freely downloadable as pdf or view on your browser without having to download, as these are public documents.

(Click on consent reference number for the page. Those without consent code are – as of end December 2019 – we believe – under review.)

Maungarei/Mt Wellington LUC60311082 LUC60311082A
Te Pane o Mataaoho/Te Ara Pueru/Māngere Mountain LUC60326774
Ōhuiarangi/Pigeon Mountain LUC 60331431
Ōwairaka/Mt Albert LUC60328646
Maungawhau/ Mt Eden LUC/2017/335
Maungakiekie TRE60338771
Big King Te Tātua a Riukuita
Mt Richmond Ōtāhuhu/Mt Richmond
Mt Roskill Puketāpapa – Pukewīwī/Mount Roskill

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