Auckland’s tree cover

Here is a handy compilation of a few recent studies undertaken on Auckland’s urban tree cover. The term ‘forest canopy’ is often used in this context but that is something of a euphemism. All the studies are publicly available from Auckland Council and other sites. The provision of these files is solely for the purpose informing the public, and Auckland ratepayers in particular.

the-health-of-tāmaki-makaurau-aucklands-natural-environment-in-2020 A synthesis of Auckland Council’s environment reporting. Published in February 2021.

ecological-integrity-of-forests-in-auckland-2009-2019 From the report: “As New Zealand’s most populated region, Auckland cannot replace all its lost forest and scrub habitat, but all remaining forest and scrub, however small the fragment, should be recognised as a precious and highly limited natural resource.

Sept 18 Tree-loss-Waitemata-Local-Board-2006-2016 Report detailing Waitematā tree losses. Published in July 2020.

mrq-12december-2019 An explanation of how LiDAR is used to obtain tree cover information.

2020-009-aucklands-urban-forest-canopy-cover-2013-2016-2018 A sobering – if not downright depressing – report from Auckland’s excellent Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU). Published September 2018.

TR2017-006-Urban-forest-of-Waitemata-Local-Board-in-2013 Report on Waitematā trees. Published March 2017.