Huia water treatment plant

In August 2019 Watercare applied for consent to clear an area of the Waitakeres to make a replacement water treatment plant. Of the submissions made 469 were against, 20 in support, 8 neutral. You can entertain yourself with the voluminous submissions here. The commissioners asked for facts about kauri dieback in the site. 996 samples of soil were examined and dieback pathogen was found throughout. The hearing was recently (14-16 April 2021) reconvened.

The documents relating to the re-convened hearing follow and are provided as a public service. Some were provided to us on request (thank you Hearings Advisor) and may, or may not, be available on the Auckland Council portal when you visit this page.


Highlights: take a look at submissions from Murray Fea, Carol Bergquist, Graham Ussher and, in particular, Richard Blakey. (It is OK to cheat and look at their last lines, where they give their recommendations.)

EV108. CNCL – Murray Fea, Kauri Dieback memo 14 April 2021

EV109. CNCL – Carol Bergquist, Ecology memo 15 April 2021

EV110. CNCL – Dr Graham Ussher, Ecology Compensation memo 14 April 2021


Ian Boothroyd – supplementary evidence – Freshwater Ecology

Karen Baverstock – Further supplementary evidence NPS and NES

Lee Hill, evidence – Kauri dieback sampling, testing and results

Sarah Flynn, supplementary – Kauri dieback – terrestrial ecology

Daniel Williams, supplementary – Kauri Dieback – Construction Methodology

Campbell McGregor, supplementary – Kauri Dieback – Eathworks and Erosion and Sediment Control

Appendix H- Huia_WTP_Reservoir_Planting_Plans_sml

Appendix F1 – Waitakere_Ranges_Heritage_Overlay_Landscape_Commentary


Highlights: look at the compelling evidence of Cate Macinnis-Ng, Nick Waipara, Nari Williams, also Edward Ashby.

Brett Stansfield, evidence

Cate Macinnis-Ng, evidence

Dr Amanda Black, evidence

Dr Monica Gerth, evidence

Dr Nick Waipara, evidence

Edward Ashby, Expert Evidence

Jack Craw, evidence

Mark Harvey, email

Matthew Davis, evidence

Nari Williams, evidence

Oleg Medvedev, evidence