Maunga documents

You’ll find links to all documents that we have available regarding Auckland’s volcanic cones, or maunga. In particular, heaps of documents relating to the Tūpuna Maunga Authority obtained through LGOIMA requests or used with permission.

TMA Hui agenda and minutes (from 2014)

A great deal of information, particularly on Ōwairaka, is available from Honour The Maunga.

Added 23 July 2021: ‘Summary TMA Operational Plan 2020-21 FINAL’

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Big King





Mt Richmond

Mt Roskill



The TMA creeps: documents showing TMA extending its reach beyond their title areas
UNESCO application

Text of the ‘Tentative listing’ for UNESCO World Heritage listing

See the document on the UNESCO Fifth ‘C’
It was proposed by New Zealand at the 31st session of the World Heritage Committee in Christchurch in 20o7 to add a fifth ‘C’ to the four strategic objectives of UNESCO (Credibility, Conservation, Capacity-building, Communication). Ironically, the fifth ‘C’ is Community – the very thing the TMA has ridden rough-shod over and trampled into the ground.

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