Judicial review of consent granted to TMA

Court of Appeal allows appeal and sets aside consent

Supreme Court dismisses TMA application to appeal

WF7 Pūriri forest

There is mention in various places (proposed amendment to the Integrated Management Plan, the original planting plan) of the WF7 type of forest, the sub-type seen in Auckland is the rock forest. The best example is at Withiel Thomas Path.

A fascinating paper on rock forests is Mt Eden Rock Forests, Auckland.

Information received 30 September 2021 on plantings:

 1) The number of native plants put in at Ōwairaka to date.

Ōwairaka/Te Ahi kā-a-Rakataura/Mt Albert
20192,700 plants
20202,245 plants
2021235 plants. You were advised of the rationale for this number in our LGOIMA response dated 27 July 2021

 2)  the species of native plants put in at Ōwairaka to date.

 2019 species2020 species2021 Species
Austroderia fulvidaAsplenium oblongifoliumDodonaea viscosa
Carex lambertianaAstelia banksiiMuehlenbeckia complexa
Carex testaceaBlechnum novae-zealandiaePhormium cookianum
Coprosma lucidaCarex lambertianaVeronica stricta
Coprosma rhamnoidesCoprosma ramnoides
Coprosma robustaCoprosma robusta
Doodia australis (syn. Blechnum parrisiae)Corynocarpus laevigatus
Geniostoma ligustrifolium var. ligustrifoliumDodonaea viscosa
Leptospermum scoparium var. scopariumDoodia australis
Melicytus ramiflorusEntelea arborescens
Muehlenbeckia complexaMuehlenbeckia complexa
Myrsine australisPhormium cookianum
Phormium cookianumPhormium tenax
Pseudopanax lessonii
Rhopalostylis sapida
Veronica stricta

3)      Which nurseries provided those plants.
Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei
Te Whāngai Trust
Scrub Nursery  Kauri Park.

4)      The cost of those plants, by year.
In 2019  the total cost of plants was $7,721.69
In 2020 the total cost of plants was $8185.99
In 2021 the total cost of plants was $852.63

AEE Owairaka Final (Redacted)

Duty Commissioner Decision 20 February 2019

Herpetology Assessment FINAL (Redacted)

LUC60328646__Planning_Report – fsent to HTM

Owairaka Acoustic Assessment final

Owairaka Arch Tree Removals

Owairaka Ecological Assessment Oct 18 (Redacted)

Owairaka LVA

Owairaka planting plan 16th of October 2018

Owairaka-Mt.Albert_Arboriculture Operations Plan Report_final_signed_191018 (Redacted)

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