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Documents received 8 March 2021

We received a bundle of documents relating to the consent process for Puketepapa in response to a LGOIMA request. I organise the material as received.

Folder: Correspondence

Email from TMA 29 Jan 2021 NB: This file is called ‘Agreement to conditions.pdf’ but appears to refer to the letter from TMA 25 Jan 2021 (below).

Iwi Support

Letter from TMA 25 Jan 2021

LUC60347931 Applicant Endorsement of Conditions

LUC60347931 Applicant Review Response

LUC60347931 Council Review Comments

LUC60347931 s92 Letter

Folder: Council Peer Review

LUC60347931 Council Specialists Memos

No folder:

LUC60347931 DC Decision – Notification

LUC60347931 DC Decision – Substantive

Folder: Original Application

These appear to be the same as the documents already on this site: see below.

Additional info 4 Mar 21 LUC60347931 Council Specialists Memos

Original application:

AEE Puketapapa revegetation works

Appendix 1 CT

Appendix 2 Otahuhu Rules Table

Appendix 2 Rules table

Appendix 3 HNZ written approval

Appendix 4 Watercare written approval

Appendix 5 PuketapapaTreeRemovalMethod

Appendix 6 Puketapapa Planting Plan

Appendix 7 Draft Communications Plan

Appendix 8 HIA Puketapapa Tree Removals

Appendix 9 Acoustic Assessment of Noise Effects

Appendix 10 Puketapapa Ecological Assmt

Appendix 11 LVA


Image of removal and replanting plan obtained by Rebecca Hendl-Smith: pink: removal, green: re-planting.

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