Speaking up for trees

This site is dedicated to the Standing People. Those without voice. Used, exploited and abused. Yet they give, and give and give: oxygen that sustains life, shelter, food; they clean our air, provide homes for the birds we love and moderate rainfall. And all the other innumerable gifts we take for granted because we don’t even know they’re given.

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

We are dedicated to preserving and valuing trees together with all the life they sustain. Above ground for birds and insects, beneath the ground for the micro-arthropods and small life as well as fungi and bacteria that complete the cycle of life.

LATEST NEWS: we follow up the formal complaint regarding the Big Mac:

See the full letter and Council’s attempt to fob off the initial complain here. Initial complaint is here.

 It is our view that there is more than enough actual and presumptive evidence to support our formal complaint of serious misconduct and improper process that would be imprudent and contrary to your duties to Auckland’s ratepayers to dismiss our formal complaint without proper investigation.

from letter to Mayor Goff 5 March 2021